Friday, February 21, 2014

Design bedside lights for bedroom with creative ways

Top creative ways to design the bedside lights for bedroom and how you choose the right place for bedside lamps and lighting in your bedroom

In autumn, when the cold and come on the street becomes damp and wet, especially want to feel the warmth and comfort of your own home.
Hot fireplace, comfortable sofa, rug, warm lighting, rooms - all these attributes make us a little happier in the ugly weather.

Today we want to talk about bedside lights on the sleeping area . After bedroom - this is the place where we spend a third of your life. And it is particularly important, in what mood you fall asleep and wake up. Especially in cold weather.

Place bedside lamps on tables :

Most easily doable be put on both sides of the bed table lamps . For this you need is just a socket on either side of the headboard or the extension, neatly hidden behind the headboard or carpet.
Bedside Table lamps always look very expensive and elegant. They give some hint of tradition, thus creating a sense of peace and quiet room. Especially relevant now bright conical lampshades on glass or chrome bases long.

bedroom lighting, bedside lights, bedside lamps

bedroom lighting, bedside lights, bedside lamps

bedroom lighting, bedside lights, bedside lamps

Bedside wall lights for bedroom :

If your bedroom is currently under repair, you have a great opportunity to lay wires for connecting wall sconces. They are good because they do not take place on the bedside table, profitable illuminate the area behind the headboard, which is often isolated or accent wallpaper, contrasting color or decor.
Bras are very comfortable on a regulated basis - if you want them, you can move close to the wall, and during bedtime reading adjusted so that the light fell on the book correctly.

bedroom lighting, bedside lights, crystal chandelier

bedroom lighting, bedside lights, bedroom wall lights

Use hangers for bedside lights:

Most popular now become a ceiling suspensions over the bed. If the layout of the room and the bed you are sure in the coming years until the next repair will not change its location, feel free to use suspensions. It looks very stylish - on a long cord for a distance of 50 cm and above on bedside tables will hang a small chandelier . With the design can play as you wish. The main condition is not to choose too large diameter chandeliers, so they do not interfere with you in the bedroom.

bedroom lighting, bedside lights, bedside lamp hangers

bedroom lighting, bedside lights, bedside lamps

bedroom lighting, bedside lights, bedside lamps

bedroom lighting, bedside lights, bedside lamps

Pay attention to the bedroom ceiling light :

Ceiling light, like no other, is the most functional. It disperses light streams so that the light maximum space around them. That's why design the layout of the ceiling chandelier in the middle of the room, having a diagonal from one corner to another.
Choose a chandelier itself, starting from such indicators: the size of the room, ceiling height, interior style. All these criteria will tell you what type of sources of illumination watch - on the one chandelier lamp or with 8 horns on pripotolochnye chandeliers or pendants on forged or chrome base.

bedroom lighting, bedroom ceiling lights, bedside lamps

Pattern the bedside light zone :

This technique is one of the favorite among architects and designers. Zone headboard worked pretty well, and there are options - to make similarity niche and spotlights to illuminate it, hang a lot of small decorative hangers, place the head of a solid LED or fluorescent lighting.

bedroom led lighting, bedside lights, bedside lamps

bedroom lighting, bedside lights, bedside lamps

bedroom lighting, bedside lights, bedside lamps

If you are interested in a method similar decoration of bedside lights. consult a specialist to compile a technical drawing. This would be a deliberate decision and, as such structures, although not difficult element, often can not afford a person working in another field. You will save yourself from unnecessary rework costs, and save your time and nerves.

Good luck put their ideas in the house!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Floor Tiles for bathroom - Top tips for choice

Making your bathroom - one of the most exciting phases in the design of the interior. Here we have the opportunity to work with wall and floor tiles, mosaics. Design options for each of these coating materials very much, they are diverse both in stylistic orientation, and shape, color and texture. Let's look at the bathroom floor tiles.

How to choose a tiles design? How to combine floor and wall tiles? How to fit carpet tiles in the layout? To all these questions we will answer in this article.

black and white floor tiles for bathroom, bathroom floor tiles
black and white floor tiles for bathroom
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How to choose the bathroom floor tiles :

You can choose a floor tiles for bathroom that you want. But it must be combined in color with plumbing fixtures, furniture and bathroom wall tiles. Also follow the general stylistic direction. When you set priorities for themselves, these criteria and will be looking at issues through the prism of the samples, whether it is appropriate under the existing concept of making a choice you will be much easier and take you much less time.

floor tiles for bathroom, bathroom floor tiles

Floor tiles - the most common choice of flooring in the bathroom. The main difference between the floor tiles from the one used for the walls, is a first relief structure. Thus, you can safely walk on this coating feet wet without the risk of slipping and falling.

In places such as a bathroom, is not recommended to buy a glossy tiles. It's very traumatic, so you should choose a raised texture.
In addition to the classic square, the market presents a huge selection of tile shapes (rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, etc.). Demand is huge mosaic tiles, allowing you to create a truly amazing designs and ornaments. In addition, this tile is also very easy to install.

" Average parameters of floor tile thickness - 1.3 - 2 cm, and its dimensions can range from 10 cm to 1 meter or more "

Here, you have taken the decision himself - the smaller room and modest budget, the smaller tiles. This is not to say that the little tiles something worse - just when its layout less waste and visually pleasant to realize that the wall 15 fits, and even more tiles of medium size, rather than three huge. Besides, in such cases it is easier to make decorative patterns and combinations thereof.

black and white bathroom floor tile patterns, floor tiles
black and white bathroom floor tile patterns
bathroom floor tile patterns, floor tiles
bathroom floor tile patterns

How to combine the floor tiles and wall:

Walking the path of least resistance, you can choose the floor tiles from the same collection as the wall. This possibility is always provided by the manufacturer. In this case, the floor will be a distinct shade wall and you do not risk not guess the color and tint.

Recently, a trend is clearly to combine floor tiles and wall tiles of different collections and manufacturers.
For example, if you are very cool-colored walls, you can experiment with the floor and make it either dark or choose a floor tile with some unusual patterns.

Always up to date performance marble floor tiles or natural stone. And if you also have a wall of marble, then stick to the same strategy on the floor almost certainly.

floor mats ideas for bathroom with white tiles
floor mats ideas for bathroom with white tiles

How to fit carpet with floor tile layout:

If you know in advance about where the bathroom is located carpet and what size it will be wise to this pave the way for another phase of tile layouts. After the floor mat will hide part of the coating, and it is possible that it will break even visually drawing. To avoid this, choose either single color coating - it can be shaped tiles, mosaic, covered with interesting texture.

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Or, if you want to combine several types of floor tiles, say, let edging around the perimeter of the room. Out with simple geometric patterns - checkerboard pattern, colorful stripes, diamonds or something like that.
At the same time you have in the layout should not be a clear reference to the center of the room. In future, this will greatly help you in choosing the carpet . You will be able to rely on functional requirements and buy something soft floor covering, which want, without fear of compromise the integrity of the perception of sex.

bathroom floor tiles and rug set purple
bathroom floor tiles and rug set purple
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Ideally, the carpet should be contrasted to the floor covering. It would be good if you pick it under the towels in the same color scheme. Although, of course, not excluded cases are very scrupulous selection of colors when the floor and carpet are just one piece. Do this, I confess, is quite difficult, but the result is impressive.

bathroom mosaic floor tiles with colorful rug, floor tiles
bathroom mosaic floor tiles with colorful rug
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ottoman and banquette Where to put and how to use?

The best designs of ottoman and banquette for interior design and how to use and put ottomans and banquette seating in your home

Banquette seating and Ottoman - not only decorative design elements bedroom, living room or hallway, but also very functional furniture unit and that the important "highlight" that will add convenience and comfort in the interior.
Furniture industry is impressive and pleasing variety produced banquette: single, multi-seat, semi-soft, soft, forged, bedside, banquettes for hallways, ottomans for the living room and many others.

ottoman - banquette - ottomans - banquette seating
Ottoman and banquette Where to put and how to use
Ottoman and banquette - it backless sofas, intended to seat one or two people.
On the banquette at the foot of the bed often folded decorative pillows and blankets during sleep, and ottoman seating put magazines, books and trays of drinks.
Unlike puff of stools is that banquette appearance closer to the bench with upholstered seat, and poof - the chair without armrests and backs.

red ottoman and banquette striped
red ottoman and banquette striped

Choosing a place for Ottoman or banquette:

Designers offer a variety of accommodation options banquette and ottoman in different rooms:

Historically, ottomans and banquettes that was placed in the hallway as they could sit on the track, take your shoes off  ( Shoe storage )or put any fines or accessories.
Entrance - perfect for ottoman or banquette with leather upholstery or any other upholstered in durable and wear resistant material.

In the bedroom banquette can be installed at the foot of the bed, a bedside stool decorating area. Classic location for ottoman in the bedroom - near the dressing table and female boudoir.

ottoman and banquette for tradition bed room
ottoman and banquette for tradition bed room
Living room - another good place where ottomans or banquette would be appropriate. Their optimum height does not exceed the height of the seat upholstery, in this case, we can put them on your feet and relax while reading or watching movies.

Another interesting solution for the living room - use ottoman as a coffee or a coffee table, for such purposes fit large or hard stools ottomans, which can easily put the tray .

ottoman and banquette for living room

Kitchen banquette and ottomans a little higher than normal for their seat upholstery using materials that are easy to clean with a damp brush, which will allow them to remain clean and beautiful for a long time.

ottoman and banquette for dining room

If the size of the apartment is large and it succeeded in isolating a reading corner , then placing it banquette or ottoman, you can add functionality - it should contain the books, reading glasses and various.

ottoman and banquette for modern living room

black leather banquette and yellow chair
black leather banquette and yellow chair
black and white Ottoman and banquetteOttoman and banquette for dressing table

grey Ottoman and banquette, ottomanswhite Ottoman and banquette with white sofa

Choose Ottoman and banquette colors:

Another important issue that arises when choosing banquette and ottoman - what color to choose for upholstery ottoman? We offer several options to consider:

If we talk about the living room or bedroom, the most color padded stools and banquettes matched in tone with sofas and chairs so that the furniture looked like one set.

ottoman and banquette and chairs set

For those who are willing to experiment and the previous version seems a bit boring, the perfect solution would be a combination of colors. example, an ottoman can be made ​​in any color from the sofa cushions or curtains, and the color of the sofa and chairs - in the other.

ottoman and banquette, striped red banquette for modern living room
striped red banquette for modern living room
Furthermore, ottoman and banquettes may act bright accents - with nothing to combine self-contained units and furniture. Ottoman bright crimson, turquoise or lemon-yellow color has already become a classic in modern style rooms and lofts.

ottoman and banquette and black window treatments
pink ottoman and black window treatments
ottoman and banquette in tradition living room

ottoman and banquette, pink ottoman
pink ottoman
red ottoman and brown corner sofa for modern living room
red ottoman and brown corner sofa for modern living room
Ottoman and banquette, yellow lemon ottoman for living room
yellow lemon ottoman in living room
Ottoman and banquette, blue ottoman for tradition living room
blue ottoman in tradition living room
Ottoman and banquette, white banquette seating for modern interior
white banquette seating for modern interior
Ottoman and banquette, modern banquette white for living
modern banquette in white
Ottoman and banquette, silver mirror
luxury banquette with mirror
banquette seating and ottomans - furniture suitable for any hallway, kitchen, living room, bedroom.

The key to their success is not only the versatility of use, but attractive appearance and ease of use.