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Provence style interior designs ideas, Top master

All about how to make your interior in Provence style with top trends and ideas to have one of best Provence style interior design with pictures

Provence style interior design orange wall"I work in the city and live in the country," - many citizens would like to be able to talk so much about myself. Of course, this is an attractive prospect: Weekday daytime spending in urban areas - work, shopping, advances in modern medicine, etc., and in the evenings and at weekends to enjoy the fresh country air, the beauty of unspoiled nature and comfort of the farmhouse. Alas, this is often only dream of, so much valued by the citizens in a rustic style interiors. In such areas soul resting and relaxing, with a sense of serenity - as when, as a child, spent time in the rustic cabin of his grandmother.

Country style (rustic style) has many faces, because each country has a special rural flavor. Of particular interest nowadays cause interiors in the French country - namely, in the style of " Provence ".

Provence - is the southern region of France, many Europeans associate with magnificent nature, bright sun, blue sea and the smell of delicious rustic food. The very same word " Provence " is translated as " province ". Thus, olive interior style - a style of provincial houses in the south of France.

Provence style in the interior-the main characteristics

Of all the varieties of country style Provencal interior design - one of the most popular because it is associated not just with the village, but also the sea, the sun, the smell of flowering plants, that is, with great holiday surrounded by nature. All this affected the aesthetics of Provence: sun-bleached colors, lots of live and dried plants, naturalness, simplicity and plainness lines. Another trait common to the whole country, and the inherent style of Provence - is archaic. Life in the village steadily and slowly - changes occur very slowly, and new developments take root very late.

Provence style in the interior color:

Provence style interior design color ideasDesigners, creating interiors in the style of Provence , pay great attention to the choice of color. You could even say that the color here is crucial. For decoration only taken pastel colors to create the effect of sun-bleached surfaces.

Walls and ceilings in rooms in a Provencal style mostly white, but is an optional condition. Provence main colors : white, cream, beige, pale lemon, terracotta, burnt orange, the color of the petals of a sunflower, blue, pale green, celadon and lavender. Pastel shades of these colors are used for decoration and facilities, and furniture.

Craftsmen in the style of Provence:

Wall: most common wall decoration in the style of Provence - plaster, and deposited clumsy with Walls irregularities and "bald spots", which shines through the masonry. In modern interiors in the style of Provence, you can decorate the walls of colored textured plaster.

Provence style interior white design
Another fairly common option - wall decoration wall board and its subsequent dyeing. Here pronounced difference in country of a country: for example, in the Russian country board retains its color and texture, but in French - painted, usually white.

The walls of the kitchen space can be finished with natural stone, glazed brick or tile, including simulated brick.

Floors : On floors - board or tile (usually terracotta or light brown with cut corners). In Provence village houses can be found as raw board and dyed. Of course, parquet, laminate, linoleum and carpet to fit in the style of Provence are not suitable.

Ceilings : They are usually painted bright paint. Often decorated ceiling beams - dark for contrast or whitewashed.

Provence style interior white door designProvencal style in the interior and the door. For rooms in the style of Provence need to choose a white door . You can take the wooden doors, paint with white paint and artificially age the surface. White doors are often decorated with floral painting.

The windows in the Provencal style. course, ideally it would be in the interior set-Provence French window from the floor - that is, Window the window-door. But in apartments this is not possible, but you can buy new window sashes into several sections. The window frames are also usually white.

Provence style interior window design

Provence style furniture :

Provence style interior furniture designFurnished in country style necessarily wooden, wicker or wrought iron. Particleboard, MDF, PVC and other modern materials on the premises in the style of Provence are clearly not in place. Glass, chrome and nickel-plated furniture in Provence and there can not be.

If you really want to live in a Provencal interior , but the money for the purchase of solid wood furniture is not enough, you can buy furniture made ​​of particleboard or MDF in the corresponding version with imitation wood texture or color.

Furniture Provence Not quite the right color and finish of the furniture can be painted and independently. This is typical of Provence: even massive wooden furniture in Provence stained bright paint. In Provencal interiors often present naturally or artificially aged furniture from scuffs, cracks, sometimes peeling paint, chipped.

Provence style interior furniture drawerFurniture Provence thorough, coarse and rustic, which in general is typical of country music. But in Provence interiors furniture less cumbersome than, for example, in traditional American, German or English country.

The most common furniture in the style of Provence - it sideboards, dressers, bookcases, cabinets with mezzanines and Provence Furniture drawers, bench, benches, tables and cabinets with drawers, massive dining tables. Cabinets differ little high. Furniture color - white, cream, light green, lavender, brown and light wood. The facades are decorated with furniture sometimes painted floral patterns.

Upholstery in the style of Provence rarely monochromatic light, usually - flowered cell or strip. As a rule, many cushions. Sami sofas or rustic with wooden armrests or with fine round armrests and "skirt". Wicker chairs often, sometimes - leather couch or relevant.

The beds are big, "royal" with wooden or wrought-iron headboards and legs. Provence Interior generally rich in forging - this table legs and shelves, and back benches.

Provencal style interior Textiles

Provence style interior designs textiles ideasTextiles in Provence Of tissue present coarse cotton, bleached linen, plain cotton. The most common pattern on fabric - it's flowers, at least - and the strip cell. Flowered fabric sew cushions, napkins, curtains, tablecloths. Curtains are often decorated with ruffles, sometimes their original drape, tie ribbons. The bedrooms and beds are made quilted bedspreads all in the same flower.

In addition, olive interiors can often be seen lace decor items - crochet napkins, lace covers cushions, tablecloths same etc.

Provencal style in the interior: lighting, accessories, decor

Chandeliers are usually forged, like sconces, table lamps. Shades fixtures often made of fabric in flower.

Provence style interior designs accessories ideasDecorate the interiors in the style of Provence and wrought wicker decor items - it candlesticks, vases, baskets, Decoration Plates, boxes, planters, etc. Wall voids filled still lifes and floral landscapes, decorative ceramic plates, gentle painted wall clocks, chandeliers, elegant shelves, mirrors in forged or simple colored frames. The interior in the style of Provence almost always will be found at least one rooster figurine - the symbol of France .

And, of course, plenty of space devoted to plants - alive in tubs, freshly cut bouquets, dried compositions, bundles of herbs hanging from the ceiling.

You can play with the nautical theme that is relevant to the style of Provence : Decorate the room fishing net, shells , figurines gulls. In marine olive interiors textiles used in blue and white stripes. Marine theme is particularly relevant in the design of bathrooms in the style of Provence.

Kitchen interior in the style of Provence

Kitchen Noteworthy paid kitchen as the most warm and cozy room. Provan style kitchen with , as a rule, are decorated in bright colors. Furniture in the kitchen can be beige, and white, and green, and blue, and brown. Kitchen countertops are often made ​​of the same material, which is trimmed apron - that is, of stone or simulate it. In modern interiors in Provence style kitchen facades can detect lattice that, in general, also refers to the old rural Provence.

kitchen in Provence style interior designs ideasIn the kitchen, a lot of bright ceramic pottery with floral ornament and woven items - baskets, baskets, vases, etc. On the chairs - fabric covers or cushions on the seats. On the dining table in the dining area is almost always - tablecloth and napkins. In the center of the table - "paunchy" vase with fresh flowers.

Center of the kitchen in the style of Provence is the hearth. The furnace is lined with glazed brick or stone, decorated with wrought iron elements. But oven in an apartment does not deliver, so it becomes a hotbed of stove over which designers typically installed furnace exhaust hood. And beautiful, and conveys the spirit of Provence, and practical benefit.

Country style in general, and in particular the style of Provence: What's the Difference?

What are the distinctive features of Provence, allowing accurately determine the style and do not confuse it with the country of another country? Of course, all rustic style has a lot in common, but Provencal style in the interior has its own nuances:

-Not used in the decoration of bright colors - pastel they like sun-bleached;

-Wooden furniture in the style of Provence is often bleached, decorated with painted floral pattern;

-In the interior in the style of Provence very much bright flowered textiles - in any other ethnic varieties of country style not so much "flowering" of tissues;

-Forged products a la "provincial France" more graceful, delicate, that, strictly speaking, is not inherent in any American country, or Nordic country;

-Living rooms in a Provencal style features a minimalist and even "cold", because in the Provence region is very hot and sunny, so the houses artificially creating an atmosphere of coolness. The walls are usually white with a moderate amount of decor.

- In Provence homes often large windows, which also meet not all varieties of country due to climatic differences.

Of course, things just can not be realized in a modern apartment, but the main thing - do not comply with all the rules and create the necessary association. And what associations linked to Provence? Summer, sun, sea, scent of herbs, flowering meadows, the taste of fresh milk, lavender flowers, the smell of spices and dried plants, the feeling of being "lived here even my grandmother." And in order to create such an atmosphere, it is not necessary to comply with all the nuances, the main thing - choosing the style of Provence , to invest in the creation of the interior at least part of his soul.

Provence style in interior pictures:

kitchen in Provence style interior designs ideas
The kitchen in the style of Provence
The kitchen in the style of Provence: facades painted in green furniture and whitewashed beams.

Provence style bathroom interior designs ideas
Farm style bathroom
Provence style dining room interior designs ideas

Provence style interior designs ideas
Very light olive ornate interior
Provence style kitchen interior designs ideas
The kitchen in the style of Provence: sometimes instead of kitchen fronts - textiles
modern Provence style interior designs ideas
Modern interior in the style of Provence