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The best Zebra print decor ideas for interior designs

Stunning ideas to use zebra print and pattern to decorating interior design, zebra print decor ideas for all home parts, wall, furniture, bedding, accessories, rugs, pictures and all zebra print room ideas

Animal prints are still quite popular in the interior, and use them in a variety of decor elements - and in decorating the walls and furniture, and textiles, and just as a leopard skins, tiger, zebra, spread out on the floor.

Zebra print decor ideas for interior designs

Zebra print decor in the interior :

Fortunately today, to decorate the wall of your living room zebra or giraffe ( zebra wall decor ), or spread it on the floor does not have to kill animals. Modern industry produces ready-made imitation animal skins, which, at first glance, no different from the natural, and to use them much more practical, do not require such meticulous care as natural skins. This article focuses specifically on animal printers such as zebra print decor .

Natural black and white zebra color is very beautiful, especially this zebra print will fit, if the interior of your room is decorated in black and white style. Despite the fact that, first of all zebra print used in the design houses in the African style, it will look great in black and white interior in the style of hi-tech.

Zebra print Decorating ideas:

Industry today released many textile imitation zebra print . In the first place, it certainly rugs and carpets, blankets and bedspreads. And the coloring is not only black and white, which has a zebra print from nature, but also brown and white, brown and beige.

zebra print in the interior can be used in almost any design style, the main thing to choose the right place its application. In addition, frequent such animal print in combination with other color elements, for example, mat or blanket can combine inserts with zebra print or zebra pattern and insert the other colors.

Zebra Linens - zebra sheets, zebra pillowcases, zebra duvet covers, decorated with a zebra print , also are very popular among the inhabitants. And in this case is not necessarily black and white, or brown-beige combination bands. Black combined with red, purple, green, pink, blue. So, pick up a print linens for the bedroom can be made in any colors, not just black and white interior.

zebra bedding can also be combined with other prints, as with animal and geometric. The same pattern can be used for zebra print curtains in the bedroom and other rooms containing features with zebra print. Together, they will harmonize with each other and at the same time complement each other, creating a uniform style in the room.

For zebra print wall also typical, as posters or pictures and zebra canvas , as well as panels.
As a decorative element of the room can become fixtures, decorated zebra, as well as any furniture, and not just soft. Even in a classical style dresser or chest of drawers, coffee table, you can decorate using print - zebra, and he will play an entirely new way and turned into a kind of a design course.
If you can not use as a decorative element patterned zebra something massive - in the form of furniture, curtains or bed linen, leaving the situation may become small and decor items such as kitchen utensils, painted zebra , flower pots and planters , cushions.

Most effectively drawing a zebra print room ideas in the interior will look like, where neutral colors and shades. In addition, this animal print will help create zest, and bring together all the components of the interior in the event that in your room do not have any particular style in the design, either present fresh colors.

There are also styles in the design, in which the zebra pattern print in the interior should not be, or use it with caution. In that case, if the decor of the apartment too many colorful flowers, animal ornament or lost on their background, or it will look too pretentious and ridiculous. This concerns, including the walls and the floor, if they have too pronounced texture, decorative elements with zebra print decor is better not to have near them. Not too successfully combined the zebra print and other fancy ornaments. In addition, there are styles which, when used in the design of the zebra print and pattern will have to forget. This Japanese style Zen-style and Eco friendly style. In other cases, an animal figure you can always find a place in your interior.

Know Your Home Decorating Style

In order to have a truly beautiful, functional and welcoming home, it is important to be aware of the various uses of spaces, the needs of all family members and the best ways to put them together to create a mixture of trendy style mixed with everyday practicality.

In this article we take a look the basic home decorating styles, which usually overlap one over the other these days since mix and match is so 'in.'

To begin with, home owners need to understand that at times, it is not the big pieces of branded fixtures or pricey soft decorating items that make a home. In addition to the large stuff, a home also comprises of the tiny, delicate touches home-owners can provide to their special spaces.

Sure, it is important to focus on larger aspects of good home decor such as wall colors, textures, permanent fixtures but it is equally important not the neglect the small but essential things such as a lamp-shade that matches the area-rug or the accent floor carpets that keep the feet warm when stepping out of bed, too!

You can easily purchase these and many other delicate decorative touches for the stylish home at affordable rates from online discount furnishing stores and even set a theme per room in the house to achieve private spaces that reveal subtle tastes.

Additionally, you can get the newest, most practical information about many kinds of home decor styles from online and print design magazines that cater to encouraging hobbyist house decorators devoted to beginning interior upgrades, within budgets and short timelines too.

But, amidst all this excitement of special home decorating projects, it is important to recognize your own tastes and match these options with decor styles suggested by specialists to get the greatest results for a truly trendy and functional home.

Among the latest home decor-styles applied all over the world by homeowners devoted to DIY decorating plans are the following: Contemporary, Traditional and Casual.

Learn and choose the kind of decorating method best for your home-decor assignment from those given below!

Traditional- In the traditional style furnishing are classic and comforting e.g. a mix of the old and conventional styles. Persian area rugs and Oriental rugs have a classy look that will go great with this type of home decor.

Casual: This is the home decorating style for those who like a warm and simple look to their surroundings. The signature style is comfy soft furnishings generally in earthy shades, easy seating that is easily accessible by all and whimsical accents or lots of fun touches, like family pictures, kids' artworks, funny signs and travel souvenirs mixed with informal living style. Throw a shag rug on the flow to complete this look!

Contemporary: This home decorating style tends to favor sleek, modern designs hat have clean lines. Decorating touches are small but offer graceful ease with many people thinking it stark, but it is actually pretty utilitarian in concept with plenty of glass and stainless steel accessories. Colors like white and black colors are mostly favored and this is a style favored by many modern decorating experts for updating living spaces in a fashionable way. Zebra patterned area rugs or rugs with black and white geometric patterns would go just great with this style.

Figure out which one describes your personal space personality best so you can combine the best home decor tips with ease and style after integrating your personal tastes with tips given by interior design experts.

Experience With Home Decorating

It can be a creative and a personal experience to decorate your home with some of the excellent decorating ideas found in the galleries and publications. You can also find many decorating ideas, design lessons, decorating projects etc online which will guide you with the process of home décor change.

It can be fun to decorate your house. It can rejuvenate not only your surroundings but also your feelings leaving you with a sense of satisfaction at a job well-done. You can be enthused by just looking at the whole new living room or drawing room.

You can choose from a range of decorative pieces such as paintings, candles or furniture items to decorate your home. At various places inside your home you can place new decorative items. Just changing the places of artifacts or displays can also change your feeling for the better without costing you anything.

You can choose either a metal wall décor or iron wall décor during home décor change. You can also fix a couple of chandeliers which will look superb in the center of your drawing room. They come in several shapes and sizes. You can choose a design that would suit the size of your room.

The trend of interior decoration is changing these days. People are fashion conscious when it comes to redecorating their homes. You must however not get carried away and buy everything that it is vogue but take a decision depending on the mood of décor in your home. As the style is also becoming bold, many people these days prefer to have modern works of art in their homes. People also are willing to experiment with all the things they can. They are also eager to bring in many kinds of changes as far as home décor change is concerned.

You can impart various themes in different rooms of your house. For example, a peppy theme can be imparted to the children's rooms. You can add balloons and cartoons with matching sheets and colors for the best look.

Also coloring is very important in home decoration as it gives a backdrop to all other things. You should pay careful attention to the color-scheme of your house. You need not give the same color paint to the whole house. You can choose one particular color and shades of it. Colors also can differ from room to room. It is not necessary that all the rooms must have matching colors in home decoration.

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Create French style kitchen or French country kitchen designs

How to create a French style kitchen and French country kitchen style, I offer the best ways to make French style kitchen , French country kitchen and have one of kitchen in French country style 2014

Not surprisingly, the French style kitchen is so popular. It is very attractive with its relaxed atmosphere and finished in bright colors - just for those who like to spend a lot of time in the French country kitchen. The French style or French country style represents a measured village life, where artisans and ordinary workers are going to a big family in a cozy kitchen and fragrant, lively chat and share their impressions about the day, enjoying every moment. Looking for something like this for my French style kitchen ? Then read about how to create a French design in your home or create French style kitchen and French country kitchen design.

French kitchen, French style kitchen, French country kitchen 

Doors in the French style kitchen :

Bare surface, muted colors, ancient decor elements. Light ornament adorns the top of the cabinet . Light wood texture on walls, or dark, but mixed with lighter, light cabinets to follow the French kitchens tradition.

If you one of lovers of French style in home decorations so i suggest this link for you :

Island Tops, French country kitchen :

Family, large meals, holiday achievements both families and neighbors all gather for a cozy spacious kitchen. Granite, marble, wood and island with extra beds to accommodate guests - are the foundations of the traditional French style. Table top is decorated with various motifs decorated with farming: plates, watering cans, flower pots and animal figures - the extra touches that create a harmonious image of the provincial situation.

Perhaps you have in the pantry or lying around in the attic vintage wrought iron candelabra? They will look great in combination with patinated metal elements and hanging flower pots. To decorate the center of the dining table, use old wine bottles of any color and size, combined with fresh flowers, tablecloth in a cage and, voila, the French romantic image is ready ! The French style kitchen is very beautiful for our kitchen decorations

Fireplace in the French country kitchen :

Who does not love to gather around the flickering flame of fire, and enjoy the fragrant cakes of this brick oven? A characteristic feature is the presence of French cuisine mantel zone, which can be used as a decorative element, as well as for cooking. Finish the apron and French fireplace niche mosaic tiles with landscape drawings make the atmosphere in the French style kitchen even more warm and cozy decorations. that is the French country kitchen .

Remember French style kitchen embodies the wealth or expensive screaming situation and the ease and convenience in every detail, brings to your home the feeling of serenity and peace.

How to make a Christmas tree, 15 Unique Christmas trees

For who asking how to make a Christmas tree, i offer the creative ideas to make unique Christmas trees for new year decorations, unique Christmas trees 15 photo ideas to make unique Christmas trees and answering about how to make a Christmas tree with his hands.

Hello, dear readers! On the eve of the New Year, each of us starts to think about the holiday table, gifts for loved ones, as well as New Year's home decor and unique Christmas trees or how to make a Christmas tree . Speaking of decor ... someone knows exactly what to decorate the house live unique Christmas trees , another opposite decided to buy an artificial Christmas tree, but the third and thinks all creative ideas on internally generated tree! If you decide to show creativity and make a Christmas tree yourself, then you will have to present an overview of what we needed. So, the topic of today's article: " Unusual and unique Christmas trees and how to make a Christmas tree - to think creatively."

Unique Christmas trees :

Make a Christmas tree of dry twigs :

For the manufacture of such stock herringbone need twigs, jig saw and a rope. Using a jigsaw cut into branches of different lengths, so that eventually turned silhouette tree, then each branch on the edges create shallow grooves that help keep the rope (each branch wrapped with a rope, tying the knot). At the final stage of the two ends of the rope at the top and connect the resulting hang on the unique Christmas trees pre-scored in the wall nail. A Christmas tree can be decorated with reflective light snowflakes and other ways to make a Christmas tree decorations, simply attaching them to wooden slats with glue.

Make a Soaring Christmas Tree :

A fine example of modern and unique Christmas trees if you make a Christmas tree Soaring tree! Its creation will require a large amount of light balls and sturdy wood. All balls strung on lengths of fishing line, connect the entire structure together and hook on the ceiling.

Unique Christmas tree of Book Tree:

If you don't know how to make a Christmas tree with his hands that is the creative ideas to make unique trees for Christmas of books, Select the appropriate color books, puts them in expanded form each other, decorate star and garlands.

Make Unique Christmas trees of books :

Another option book tree ... Puts books on each other in a closed form, according to have unique Christmas trees as the picture on the photo.

How to make a Christmas tree of wine corks:

Such a tree should start to create a lower tier, gluing cork to each other with a transparent adhesive moment, it's one of unique Christmas trees 2014 .

Unique Christmas Tree of ladders :

The idea is simple and creative to make a Christmas tree of ladders - set the ladder, fasten garland, tinsel and toys.

How to make a paper Christmas tree :

Need to work pot, sand, wood planks, paper and glue. Newspaper create cones, of which form the crown trees, incidentally fixing on a wooden plank. At the end of the unique Christmas tree set in a pot of sand.

Unique Christmas Tree of medical gloves :

Inflate gloves, and connect them all together simultaneously forming a spruce. On the fingers can hang lightweight gloves Christmas toys. it's simple way to make a Christmas tree .

Make a wood Christmas tree Of spruce wood:

The idea is to mount the logs crosswise to each other. It is best to stock up on wooden pole, the diameter of which is to drill holes in Polen. Collecting Christmas tree, you will simply need to string logs in the correct order

Unique Christmas tree made of clothes hangers:

Fasten hangers with each other according to the picture, in the completion of the design hang on the wall or window, and decorate with Christmas toys, it's creative idea to make a Christmas trees

Make a Christmas trees of Cardboard tree:

Interesting idea of ​​a Christmas tree - Use cardboard. Ideally, of course desirable that cardboard was originally green, but in a pinch you can design okleit appropriate shade colored paper.

Unique Christmas Tree of pillows :

It's contemporary idea to make a Christmas trees , Not able to buy a Christmas tree? Nothing wrong, put a pillow under variegated picture!

Make a Christmas Tree of wooden planks:

Should be reserved strips of different lengths to be just arrived on a long plank. At the end of an impromptu decorate the Christmas tree garlands, toys and tinsel.

Dear readers, as it turned out, unique Christmas trees look very interesting, besides most of the ideas are very easy to implement, so everyone, ask for, can easily make a stylish, creative and unique Christmas trees.
I suggest Home Decorating ideas for Christmas . may be you like it and be useful for you.