Sunday, April 29, 2012

Light house residence by architecture firm Linebox Studio

residence - line box studio

LightHouse, designed by LineBox Studio, is located in Ottawa, Canada and built for a family of five. The house is vertically stacked and situated around a glass-enclosed staircase made of steel and maple.
Read more [ via : design-milk ]

architecture firm  - line boz studio - modern architecture 2012

residential complex - architect project

modern architecture residential houses

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Most beautiful gardens Landscaping and Design Concepts

 Who states that landscape designs is restricted for your backyard or yard garden? Getting a roof garden provides a more dramatic touch to the structure. It works as a secret hideaway in the city’s busy existence.
You wouldn’t will need to go far to be able to be one with character for you’ll find it in home’s and hotel’s roof. Yes, it is impressive the way a roof garden has been produced and made to suit the requirements of the customers. Additionally, it may give anybody a place ideal for relaxation and entertainment. Read more [ via : bonkee ]

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ojai House by HERE modern Design

One of the most photographed and talked about homes in the Greater Los Angeles area is right in the heart of Ojai. Developed by Los Angeles architect and interior designer Kate Svoboda-Spanbock of Here Design, the property was apparently a nightmare to work with from the very beginning, and not because of the clients!
Long, narrow and sloping, the 1,600 square foot lot was studded with mature trees that could not be moved (not that anyone wanted to). Not to mention the fact that they were working with a limited budget; the property was one of the toughest Svoboda-Spanbock had ever seen. Read more [ via : 2modern ]

Thursday, April 26, 2012


The Limbo Chair, designed by the Portuguese furniture design company Induflex, is a quirkily-designed piece of furniture that is also a cozy place to relax. It reminds me of a shirt collar that can be worn up or down, depending on your mood (I guess the cool kids keep it popped).
The colors are bright and cheery making this not only a comfortable chair, but an artistic element in any room. Read more [ via : design-milk ]

Inspired by the Structure of Mineral Rock Salt cube nacl home

white building - rock salt

white house -  modern architecture

NaCl house was designed by Architect David Jameson and is located in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The massive contemporary residence displays a homogeneous white color palette, contrasting the natural surroundings. Here is a description from the architects: “Breaking the prescriptive mold of horizontally layered homes, NaCl House aspires to render unclear the spatial organization of the project and explore an architecture of ambiguous scale.
 The resultant massing reveals an imperfect, rough form recalling the natural isometric formation of mineral rock salt. The exterior composition is read as a single object that reflects a dynamic fluid interior. Uncorrelated to the buildings structure, glazing panels are detailed flush to the exterior surface, eliminating shadows which further inhibit a reading of the buildings scale“. How would you comment on the overall layout of this residence, inspired by …salt? Read more [ via : freshome ]

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sophisticated Baroque Furniture Design

These sophisticated living room furniture strongly inspired by baroque style in mid 17th century. Yes, this style always looks chic and fabulous in any living room design. It will going well in modern interior to classic and contemporary. These piece will blew your mind about romance and beauty.
Baroque furniture usually finished in black and white color with classic detail, so it will be timeless both in color trend and design. The classic presence of baroque furniture will furnish your living room to bedroom instantly. This sophisticated white buttoned baroque sofa is so luxurious and cozy, blend it with thick rug and baroque chandelier. Perfect! Read more [ via : besthousedesign ]

Brick-Defined Contemporary Residence in Brazil: Casa CKN:

contemporary architecture - modern residence design

Casa CKN was designed by Giuliano Montero Architects and is located in Playa de Atlântida, Xangri-lá, Brazil. Spread over a total surface of 422,08 square meters, on a lot of 540 square meters, the imposing summer house was especially built for the entertainment of the residents and their guests.
Defined by uneven volumes, brick and red roof tiles, the exterior appearance of the residence is complemented by a swimming pool on one side, and by a paved pathway and a miniature car lane on the other. The interior design is a logical extension of the exterior, with tall brick walls and plenty of wood employed throughout. The heart of the project is the double-height living room, connected with all other spaces and “flanked” by two suites. Various terraces create a good indoor/outdoor relationship. Read more [ via : freshome ]

contemporary architecture

contemporary architecture - living room design

contemporary architecture - stucco brick

modern house plans

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

modern architecture | home to the green-coated cubic

Although I am a traditionalist I love special places, things and special people too. I love organized things, to know what I have to be and organize my activities in an efficient way but at the same time I hate routine. I do not like to do the same ordinary things every day. So most of the times, I let myself carried by the wave or the proposals I get from the others although I might have already something planned.

Those who love special things too can see this special home located in Frohnleiten, Austria. It is made of some concrete cubes packed away in velvety soft green Astroturf. This odd building was designed by the architect Weichlbauer Ortis. Perhaps the intention was to create something that would integrate itself in the surrounding environment very well. The house looks like a strange tree due to its odd shape and the velvety soft green Astroturf. Read more [ via : homedit ]

Monday, April 23, 2012


inspired trees hotel - amazing building

The approach to designing based on examples from nature (bio-mimicry) is a topic we’ve heard a lot about this year. The architectural firm IAD proposes rethinking the structure of tall buildings based on how trees grow.
Their proposal for a ‘treehouse hotel’ merges living space and vertical gardens in a building that forgoes the traditional glass box. Read more [ via : psfk ]

amazing building

living room design ideas modern furniture decor

Cockpit Style Living Room
Feel like flying in the sky while sitting in the living room with this fabulously lit living room.

Colorful Living Room
Colors of rainbow in your living room to always keep you cheerful.

Retromodern orange living room
Summery orange and yellow tinge and retro-modern furnishing for a spicy appeal.

Large Living Room
Ultra-spacious living room, kitchen and dining room decorated with designer lighting and sophisticated furniture.

Living Room
Take interesting furniture idea for a real cozy living area in your house.

Living Room with a Fireplace
Awesome looking tall stone fireplace for step-ahead living room decor.

Living Room With View
Enjoy stunning view of nature right from your living room with large glass windows.

Drawing Room
Traditional, and cozy living area with classic furniture and stone fireplace.

Lovely Living Room
Classic retro-style furniture, flowers and modern lighting for a great fusion of retro and modern décor.

Living Room
Luxurious dining and living room design displaying great modern lighting and classy furnishing.

Traditional Living Room
Lovely wooden room with very tall ceiling, antique lighting and furnishing. Read more [ via : slodive ]