Saturday, March 31, 2012

Modern Japanese House of T Residence by Kidosaki Architects Studio

 Designed by modern architects Kidosaki Architects Studio, T Residence is modern Japanese house which constructed with combination of concrete finish and glass is typical for modern architecture, and gives the really simple and uncluttered look. The main ideas T Residence is built a house with calm space, not using inorganic materials like steel and concrete as possible, and substantial house which not make a display of eccentricity.

Designed in the typical for Japan architecture style, with only the most necessary furniture and clean interior. The Japanese living room designed in traditional contemporary layout, simple form, minimalist wood furniture style with low arrangements, wood sofas, ceiling lighting sources and more. Read more [ via : housedesigntrend ]

Contemporary INFILL is The New Prefab

John Dwyer was involved in the design of the first LEED Platinum home in Minnesota — 5ive — and now aims to change the way homeowners purchase homes.  He recently unveiled INFILL, “the new prefab,” with a plan to provide complete delivery, high performance, and full adaptability from three basic prefab designs.

The homes will be “super insulated and durably finished for near zero utility and maintenance costs,” according to Dwyer’s new site for INFILL.

INFILL homes are priced from $198,000 for a 1,248 square-foot home, which is about $160 per square foot, including all hard and soft costs, design, engineering, and construction.Read more [ via : jetsongreen ]

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Cube by Make Architects | hotel architecture

hotels architecture

hotel architectuur

The Cube is the final phase of Birmingham’s Mailbox development and one of Make’s largest buildings to date, made up of a broad mix of uses including offices, apartments, retail units, restaurants, an automated car park, a boutique hotel, spa facilities and the city’s first rooftop restaurant.
Over half the residential apartments were sold off-plan and the Highways Agency has let 50 per cent of the office space. The rooftop restaurant and bar have been let by Marco Pierre White and the hotel and spa by Sanguine Hospitality for an Indigo hotel , Read more [ via :  archiscene]

modern hotel design

hotel - modern hotel building - cube

Contemporary Architecture Poliform, New Flagship Store in Bahrain

Italian furniture manufacturer Poliform have recently opened a new flagship store in Bahrain. Poliform has celebrated the recent opening of the new flagship store in Bahrain, giving evidence to the consolidated roots of the brand in the Arabian market.
Building like a white cube dipped in the middle of the square, cut with large windows that offer insight and high-end solutions for all interior needs.  What makes the brand unique is the great ability in customizing the products according to Client’s taste, who is followed in the entire realization of a custom-made Home-project. Read more [ via : iransdesign ]

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Enzo Ferrari Museum by Future Systems

The museum comprises two buildings. The first is the early nineteenth century former house and workshop of Ferrari’s father, renovated to house a 40-metre-long gallery, while the second is a new glass-fronted structure that curves around it.
Read more [ via : dezeen ]

Monday, March 26, 2012


white architecture - modern design

brick painted wall - cube home

"A tall brick painted wall in a traditional shape of a house, together with an attached outdoor chimney, provide the needed privacy the clients requested towards the front, and contrasting with the rear of the house which is made completely of glass and is open to the back - facing north." Read more [ via : mocoloco ]

Sunday, March 25, 2012

cube architecture : La Pallissa

Ready to learn something today?! A Masia is “a type of rural construction common to the Iberian Peninsula, particularly during the ancient Kingdom of Aragon which have their origins in the Roman villas. They are often large but isolated structures, nearly always associated with a family farming or livestock operation (from Wikipedia)” This is a renovation of a masia in Catalonia, Spain by Cubus, Taller d’Arquitectura that is modern, earthy, simple, textural and gorgeous!

“The project was based in the rehabilitation and improvement of the northern part of an old masia from the XVI th century and the hayloft annex, located in the Baix Empordà (Catalonia). Due to the partition in different parts of the masia between the family members, the proposal was based on adapting the corresponding north area to create three new apartments designed for use in summer, mainly.” Readmore [ via : 2modern ]


 Rajiv Saini is the designer behind this beautiful penthouse located in Mumbai.
What I admire the most of this interior is the use of wood on the floors and walls as well as the beautiful counter-cover in the more [ via : wanken ]

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Linienstr. 23 by architecture firm BCO Architekten

Below these windows, a narrow strip of glazing reveals a basement-level gallery located beneath the apartments.
Gallery visitors enter the building through a glazed door, where a smaller ground floor exhibition room leads them down to the larger space below. Read more [ via : dezeen ]

Friday, March 23, 2012

The amazing Burj Dubai

Since the birth of the Chicago School in the late nineteenth century, which sought not only to try to reach heaven but solve problems of space, massive structures that have emerged so far had not exceeded 700 meters. When we speak of the Burj Dubai (Khalifa) in the UAE, we will associate the word with a height of almost a thousand meters, specifically 828. It has a total floor number of 186, whose highest point is at 768 meters, and it will include more than one thousand luxury apartments and offices, a luxury hotel designed by Giorgio Armani, plus spas and restaurants.

The Burj Khalifa is only the central part of the development known as the Downtown Burj Khalifa (previously Downtown Burj Dubai, “Burj Dubai Center”in English), which along Sheikh Zayed Road, form a complex of two square kilometers,crossing the complete city in a transversal way.

The Chicano (half mexican half north-american) Adrian Smith was the chief architect, who worked with the firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) until 2006. Burj Khalifa had a budget estimated at more than 4,000 million dollars, which were increased to 20,000 million for the full development of the Downtown Burj Khalifa, part of the cost financed by the family of the Emir Mohammed
bin Rashid Al Maktoum, among which his nephew Fuad bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Alvarez, just 20 years old, supported the idea by giving 25 million dollars.
Challenging the conditions of workers:
The project has been criticized by several human rights groups that say workers have been exploited since the beginning of 2004, most of them earning less than 10$ an hour and an average of 468 dirhams per month ($ 169). For the construction of the building it took more than 12,000 workers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (mostly), many of them taking advantage of
the situation by staying overnight in the same building (dormitories), perhaps not wanting to lose more than half an hour to get down to the first floor. Environmentalists for their side have not been happy with the construction of what they think will be a black hole of energy consumption and something that will significantly increase the country’s carbon footprint.
With controversy or not, the fact is that this new building of the UAE has become the symbol of the country’s recovery
and is now considered a relique for the inhabitants of Dubai, increasingly proud of what is being built in their city.

[ via : dubai-tower ]

Thursday, March 22, 2012

oxford greek accent modern - vintage furniture

cube House in a Hungarian Town \ Bauer Polla & ZOA architects

The house was built in the recently parcelled suburb area of a provincial town, intersected by vineyards. Designed by Polla Bauer and András Ónodi, this building with its sharp contour and discrete elegance at the same time stands out immediately from the neighbourhood.
Read more [ via : plusmood ]